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Real Results | Real people

I LOVED the glute guide! I bought it when you first released it and it was a great way to learn new exercises. Saw results faster than I thought I would.

Dominique, 22

These 4 weeks have gotten me to fall back in love with fitness. More so on a lifestyle basis like it use to be for me and not just for a certain goal.

Jenn, 27

I’ve been trying to gain weight forever and your guides basically solved my problem. The workouts kill me and i am starving afterwards. God bless you!

Britt, 32

I have been watching your youtube channel for years and will honestly buy anything you release. I love the structure of your programming.

Tiffany, 19

I love your guides!!! I have always struggled with figuring out how to create a workout routine and while going through your gym guide, I have learned how to do just that!

Mia, 22

Having your guides is one less stressor in my week. I have kids and I'm always on the go! It's nice knowing that I can have one consistent aspect of my life, even if it is as simple as a workout plan. Haha.

Meghan, 28

I was dealing with an SI issue for a couple months and had crazy imbalances. Jumped into your program after rehab - glad you made something that works for men as well.

Tim, 25

Got into strength training because of you. I love your programming because it mixes my love for aesthetics and getting stronger.

Stacey, 18

Have been working with Lauren for months. She is the best coach! I consider her a friend but she also kicks my ass. Love you!

Nikki, 24