At-Home Guide

At-Home Guide

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What's Included?

  • 6 weeks of workouts in a 4 day split
  • works for beginners to advanced lifters
  • regular + circuit style training available
  • bodyweight-only exercises (you can add bands or weights)
  • strength-based + hypertrophy training
  • good for fat loss, weight gain + maintenance/body recomposition
  • LIFETIME access to online video database

          Which should I buy?

          Choose Beginner if you are any of the following:

          • have been lifting for less than a year
          • have little to no experience with barbells
          • have not perfected form for bodyweight exercises

          Choose Weight Loss if you are any of the following:

          • looking to lose body fat
          • want to experiment with circuit training
          • want to lose weight without cardio

          Choose Build Muscle/Body Recomposition if you are any of the following:

          • looking to build muscle mass
          • looking to stay around the same weight but lose fat and put on muscle mass
          • looking to gain weight