Vitality: Full Body | Week 1-8

Vitality: Full Body | Week 1-8

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- I will be following this program starting June 24th! Join me -

Who is this for?

This guide is for anyone who is looking to transform their entire body. The guide is a mix of what I’ve been doing over the years and what I have learned from my time as a personal trainer.

What is included?

8 weeks of workouts, 5x/week

day 1: Glutes & Hamstrings

day 2: Back & Biceps

day 3: Chest, Abs & Calves

day 4: Quads & Glutes

day 5: Shoulders & Triceps

How long are the workouts?

Most of the workouts will take the individual(s) anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on rest time and exercises.

What equipment is needed?

You will need access to a Squat Rack or Smith Machine, Cable Machines, Dumbbells and a couple basic machines (available in the majority of gyms).


Excercise Database included.

Any distribution of this product will face copyright infringement.

All guides begin with conditioning, follow progressive overload, have 1-2 programmed deload(s) and are made to maximize your results.