Frequently Asked Questions

Have you done these workouts? Will they work for me?

I have done all of these guides that I have created for you all!

They are perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced lifters. The exercises are all beginner-friendly, but still challenge the lifter. No matter your genetics or body type, these guides will help you understand your own body and what works for you. 

What equipment will be needed?

Depending on the guide you choose, the equipment needed will vary.

At Home Guides: Bodyweight-Only and/or Bands 

Gym Glutes Guide: Leg Press, Squat Rack or Smith Machine, Dumbbells, Cable Machines and Bands.

6 Week Guide: Dumbbells, Bands and a couple basic machines (available in the majority of gyms).

8 Week Guide: Squat Rack or Smith Machine, Cable Machines, Dumbbells and a couple basic machines (available in the majority of gyms).

Which guide is best for me?

If you want a customized plan for your goals, I offer those here.

If you are looking to grow your glutes with minimal equipment = At Home Guide

If you are looking to grow your glutes and maximize results = Gym Glute Guide

If you are a beginner, getting back into lifting and/or are not comfortable with barbell training yet = 6 Week Guide

If you are an intermediate - advanced lifter looking to transform their body = 8 Week Guide

How long are the workouts?

At Home Guides: 45 mins - 1 hour

At Home Full Body: 30 mins - 45 mins

Gym Glutes Guide: 1 hour - 1 hour and 30 mins

6 Week Guide: 45 mins - 1 hour

8 Week Guide: 1 hour - 1 hour and 30 mins

Are these beginner friendly?

Yes! I believe in keeping your exercises as simple as possible and changing them up by adding in different variations and volume. The actual programming of the movements is the key to results!

Which guides are customized?

I only offer coaching at this time so if you need 1:1 support, I am also an online coach and personal trainer. You can apply here!

Can I follow these workouts if I am trying to lose weight?

Of course you can! Lifting weights is a huge part of a fat loss cycle. It's all about balance.